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This is the amphibious electric version of the Freedom Amphibious bike.
This is a picture of my latest aluminum recumbent bicycle with the amphibious module and the first generation electric module.

Underneath lyes a 30 lbs. beautiful recumbent bicycle that has mono tube oval aluminum frame, has mono shock adjustable rear suspension, has two way adjustable seat that enables rider to lay horizontal to the ground reducing drag. The one size frame can be easily adjusted up and down the mono tube for any person from a person 4' 6" to 6"3". It is a real nice recumbent bike.

The amphibious option makes the bike weigh 100lbs. It has 2 orange inflatable pontoons with 750 lbs of buoyancy that fold down and out, and a gear drive, swivel, tilting, propeller system with a lever to take the propeller system out of the water when landing the boat. It takes about a minute to convert it from land use to water use. To engage the propeller, one simply takes the chain off the sprocket cluster and put in on the single sprocket behind the sprocket cluster.

The motor is an old 2 hp Bosch of America I'm running the motor at 24 volts and have a 16:1 gearbox. Have two 12 volt 70 ahr 22nf batteries wheel chair batteries with a rough total of 1700 watts of stored energy. In other word can drive this for more that 1 hour at 2 hp. I like to cruise at 28 mph and 7 mph on the water. I only have one chain, with a sprague clutch on the pedal crank and a sprague clutch on the motor shaft. I have a 7 speed wide range bicycle transmission. Have found that with BMX chain the system can handle the 2 HP force of the motor. So essentially I maintain my pedaling cadence like on any bicycle and when I want power just ad it to the bicycle chain transmission. The bike in this configuration weighs about 150 lbs.

The second generation motor for my amphibious recumbent bike will be a brush less DC motor producing a little over 1 HP and have a computer operating a RC servo which turns the bicycle transmission into an automatic transmission. It uses computer logic and has a pedal torque sensor. So human power can be efficiently effortlessly amplified with seamless integration of logic controlled, electric power.This second generation electric will also be offered as a complete bolt on kit for any bicycle It can also be fitted any standard bike with or without suspension hand have a superior high performance Ebike.
Also have human electric powered 3 wheeled enclosed, amphibious vehicle that can go anywhere.. It is a little like the Twike vehicle built in Switzerland. It has an adjustable retractable suspension system with an aluminum frame and plastic body. It has a modified 3 speed motorcycle transmission system, to give tractor like hill climbing ability and a top speed of 70 mph. It uses a 15 HP Etech motor. It is a very exciting vehicle that I would love to build and eventually manufacture but lack the funds.

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This propeller drive system for the Freedom Amphibious recumbent bike is an all aluminum design that weighs about 10 lb. It has 6 bearings, 4 miter gears, is totally sealed, it uses stainless steel and aluminum shafting. It regularly handles 2-hp from a 2-cycle gas engine. To make the transition from road usage, to water usage one simply takes the chain from the sprocket cluster of the rear wheel and place it on the sprocket of the propeller drive system, just behind the rear wheel.The swivel, lifting propeller system uses cables for all controls. Two cables are used for steering. One simply hooks the cables to the handlebars. There is a cable for the locking system and a cable to lift the prop out of the water using a lever between the operator's legs.

This is a system I design and built, it worked the first time as designed! It did have one problem, the chain was falling off the 8 tooth chain sprocket. It was a problem putting back on when in the middle of a river. So I simply made a chain guide. There is only one other improvement needed. It needs a fiberglass shaping cover which will enable the down tube of the propeller system to cut through the water more easily.

This propeller system is available for those who need a heavy duty prop and is ideal for multi-operator kinetic sculptures.

In this picture one can see the paddle used for pushing off, the pontoon and rear wheel of the Freedom Bike.

Also, will be posting all my past human/electric powered recumbent bikes on the picture page.

The chain driven geared swivel tilting aluminum prop assembly